MP3's Bobby has made up especially for you!

  • The Storms Are On The Ocean originally by the Carter Family.
  • an acoustic version of the Windbreakers' Run
  • Here's his cover of "Streets of Laredo" (The Cowboy's Lament) -- a traditional cowboy tune originally adapted from as a variation of the Irish "A Handful of Laurel";

  • Here's his cover of "Marla Jane" by Russ Tolman

  • Tokai Blues
    This is a bit of a different style for him...recorded the other morning
    it shows off his blues guitar playing
  • Here's his "cover of the Byrds covering
    "Wild Mountain Thyme"

  • Here's a cover of the classic 60's Tradewinds song,
    "New York's A Lonely Town"

  • "Foot In Mouth"!

  • Copyright 2003 Bobby Sutliff. All rights reserved.
    Created by Jim Huie